Criminal Law

In the area of Criminal Law we offer a comprehensive advice primarily in Economic Criminal Law or Criminal Business Law, both businesses and individuals.
The assistance we offer covers both the defense and the exercise of the prosecution in any area of traditional Criminal Law, but focusing on the Criminal Law of Business.

Thus, we’d highlight:

Economic crimes in Penal and Corporative Law:
Tax: crimes against the Treasury and Social Security
Crimes against the market: private corruption, crimes against intellectual and industrial property, insider trading offenses, spreading false information and other related to the Stock Market

Public officials offenses: bribery, prevarication, embezzlement of public funds, influence peddling
Environmental and urban Law
Crimes in labour area
Falsification of documents
Criminal and civil protection of honor and other personal rights
International Criminal Law
European arrest warrant

Also we develop what is called preventive criminal defense policy, given the current regulation of this matter in the Penal Code, which imposes the need to establish some programs for legal compliance and preservation of corporate criminal liability.