Antonio Pedraza Gómez

Pedraza Gómez

Banking law

Antonio Pedraza is responsible for the banking law area and management of foreclosed assets. Antonio has extensive experience in bankruptcy and mortgage procedures, as well as in real estate asset sanitation procedures, where he has been managing and leading legal affairs for years.

Previous experience

Antonio began his career as a public official in the Administration of Justice, being a procedural manager in First Instance Courts and Investigation in Madrid getting to perform his work in the Provincial Court of Madrid. Subsequently, he developed his professional career as a lawyer, assuming as a professional through the N&N law firm, the legal management of bankruptcy and mortgage proceedings derived from bank contracts.


  • Degree in Law from the Complutense University of Madrid
  • Diploma in Bankruptcy Law (2010), Mortgage Foreclosure (2011) and Banking Law (2014) by ICAM

Other information of interest

  • Continuous updating and specialization in Banking Law through conferences and round tables discussions organized by the Banking Law Section of ICAM