Legal Services in Spain

Professional Legal Services

The services offered by Rodríguez Arribas Lawyers Firm focus on the following areas, particularly but not exclusively, in the service of the company:

Procedural, Civil and Commercial matter:

  1. Banking Law (structured products, derivatives, etc.)
    Insurance Law (advising and defense of companies and insured)
  2. Construction and Engineering Law
  3. Corporate and Bankruptcy Law
  4. Inheritance and Succession
  5. National and international commercial agreements
  6. Administrative and contentious-administrative matters (including regulated sectors ) and, prominently, in Tax Law .

Criminal matters, aimed at potential liabilities of legal entities and their administrators and managers in the exercise of their functions and compliance.

Arbitration and mediation in general, in the national and international level, both as arbitrator and defense.

Professional services are both preventive advice and the conduct of possible litigations. The remuneration is by fee of particular case or monthly payment.