Ramón Rodríguez Arribas

Rodríguez Arribas

Partner director

Don Ramón Rodríguez Arribas, Vice President Emeritus of the Constitutional Court, is the Partner Director and founder of this law firm. Don Ramón has become a lawyer after practicing as a Professional Judge for fifty-two years, becoming a Supreme Court Magistrate and Magistrate and Vice President of the Constitutional Court. He currently manages this law firm, serving as a lawyer and advising both national and international companies and individuals, as well as other law firms.

Previous experience

Don Ramón began his professional career as First Instance Judge and Investigation in the provinces of Segovia and Toledo, Investigation Magistrate in Las Palmas, Dean of Ciudad Real, First Instance Judge of Madrid, Presiding Judge of Section 4 of the Third Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Madrid intervening in more than 12,000 court rulings, 1,600 as Rapporteur; Later he was appointed Magistrate of the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court intervening in more than 6,000 court rulings, 1,300 as Rapporteur. Finally, in 2004, he was appointed Magistrate of the Constitutional Court, reaching the position of Vice President, having intervened in the deliberation and ruling of 2,691 Constitutional Judgments, 180 as Rapporteur. On June 13, 2013, he finished his term, establishing that same year Rodríguez Arribas Abogados.


  • Law degree from the Complutense University of Madrid, obtaining the “García Iguren” Foundation Award in recognition for his excellent academic record.
  • Ph.D. in Law with Honors by the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Admission to the judicial career, third of the class.

Other information of interest

  • President emeritus of the Professional Association of Magistrates.
  • President emeritus of the International Union of Magistrates (UIM), an advisory organization of the United Nations, is the first Spanish to have enjoyed such an honor. He is currently honorary president of the Justice in the World Foundation of the UIM.
  • Currently President of the Foundation of the Professional Association of Magistrates.
  • Honorary Civil Guard.


  • Spanish and French.