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At Rodríguez Arribas Abogados, we have a Department of Constitutional Law managed by our Partner Director, the renowned former vice president of the Constitutional Court D. Ramón Rodríguez Arribas, and for which he was illustrious Lawyer of the Constitutional Court and currently Professor of Constitutional Law and Counselor of D Pedro J. Tenorio Law Firm.

The services provided in this area are focused both for individuals and for other law firms that need advice in this regard. The services refer to any matter of Constitutional Law, from the issuance of opinions and feasibility reports up to appeals, or any other writing or procedure where it is required to add or enrich the constitutional perspective. 

Success stories:  it must be taken into account that fundamental rights are applied in all types of processes. This Law Firm has collaborated in the drafting of resources and the practice of actions before the ordinary jurisdiction with great success, obtaining from the denial of an extradition of an important businessman to Venezuela by virtue of the estimation of an appeal by the National Court, up to the reduction of a bail of 140 million euros to 300,000 euros, which affected the company’s own subsistence, as well as the estimation of the appeal.

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