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Civil Law

Civil law is general private law. It is the responsible of regulating private matters in which there is not rules issued or specific provisions constitutive of other special private laws.

The private civil law is divided into two branches:

  • Business Law: Dedicated to regulate relations between individuals, contracts and trade operations. Also it is known as Commercial Law.
  • Labor Law: Regulates relations between people because of a job. It ensures that the obligations of the parties are respected in a working relationship.

Civil Law can be defined as the General Private Law governing the most common relationships of human society. It is one which regulates personality, family, property relations and inheritance. It should also be taken into consideration that within property relations are the rights of things (rights in rem) and rights to a specific provision made by another person in our favor (rights of obligation).

The Spanish Civil Law is not just one for the whole country, but several coexist.

  • Common Civil Law: It applies to the entire country and is mainly covered in the Civil Code.
  • Regional Rights: They are mainly covered in their respective compilations. Currently, some provincial regions have replaced that Compilations for Codifications of Regional Civil Law, in which more civil laws are mentioned.

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