Legal Services


The Law Firm offers the establishment of a complete Criminal Compliance program providing all the services detailed below:

Complete Program

  • Auditing, analysis, and mapping of criminal risks.
  • Audit report and recommendations according to risk matrix.
  • Implementation of a financial resource management model.
  • Development of an ethical code.
  • Development of a Criminal Prevention Manual.
  • Development of the complaints channel.
  • Constitution of the disciplinary system.
  • Periodic verification of the Program.
  • Continuous and specific training.
  • Implementation of the Compliance Officer.

Particular program

If the requesting entity already has a Compliance Program, or for any other reason, only wants a specific service from the ones detailed above, RRA can develop a specific Compliance plan for the particular needs that it wants to meet, being able, in the same way, to consist of assistance to the Compliance Plan already developed.